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This category is for all feature requests and ideas relating to MetaMask Flask.

This one is for our developers: we’re excited to announce that we launched Flask: an experimental playground for developers, where new or proposed features will be rolled out and tested before being deployed to the broader public.

The first one of these features is Snaps. Snaps allows developers to expand the functionality of MetaMask at runtime, without our involvement. Just build a snap, tell your users about it, and make MetaMask work the way you want it!

Be warned: the use of Flask is at your own risk.

You can find out more in our blog post or go straight to the developer documentation. Prefer to watch a video? Watch the demo. Can’t get enough? Check out our discussion board, and last but not least, install Flask.


Great! Can’t wait…we are really expecting great things to come out of this space

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In the Snaps documentation (docs.metamaskio/guide/snaps.html#what-is-snaps) it says

At the moment, snaps cannot modify the MetaMask UI directly. If a snap needs a UI, that UI must exist entirely on a website that can communicate with the snap.

Does this mean you won’t be able to display assets from networks whose nodes don’t conform to the Ethereum JSON-RPC API (ethereumorg/en/developers/docs/apis/json-rpc/)?

Is MetaMask Snaps intended to add other networks in the first place?