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Post projects that are cool, fun, interesting or creative decentralized web. You can also post helpful resources to teach people about Web3, MetaMask.


  1. NEVER share your seed phrase or private keys.
  2. NO Shilling or Spamming ICOs.
  3. NO price talk. Talk about why the project is interesting.
  4. NO Scammers. If you see a scammer, flag them.
  5. NO Harassment. Be Polite and excellent to each other.
  6. Offer great comments that add benefit to the conversation: insight, humour, good links, code, etc.
  7. DO NOT DM with people offering to help. Instead, go to https://community.metamask.io/c/support/
  8. NO posting anything to download.

Is it educational, informative, and fun? If yes, add it here and connect with others!