Binance bridge between Metamask ERC20 and BEP20

Could you explain to me the situation I’m in?

I used Pancakeswap to bridge between Metamask ERC20 to BEP20 the 4000 REEF tokens.

I paid Ethereum gas, the transaction was approved and was filtered by some token holder in the middle and never came back to BEP20 address (which is the same as ERC20 just different network).

The Address is: 0x1DD49a8c97789C9db2eD922eBb08d73C42F713ee

How to unstuck the transaction from this “TOKEN HOLDER”? :slight_smile: it seems like it doesn’t want to move from there.

This middle address is: 0x92b54FF0fc6ce71d4Cd7e77c0EecB3A2313331D2

Did something like that happened to anyone? What should I do?

I already entered REEF address manually from Etherscan and it says zero in Binance smart chain.

Transaction Hash:

Thanks in advance