Can anyone see which accounts are in my Metamask?

Hello Metmask & Community!

Nice new forum you have here.

I have a quick question… Can anyone see which accounts are in my Metamask wallet? Or just me?

Say if I have a business ETH address plus a second personal ETH address in my wallet, would someone be able to connect the two and see that they are both in my Metamask wallet and owned by the same person?

I hope I am being clear here.

Thank you!

Hi Showdeer!

As metamask is a user-controlled wallet, the information regarding your accounts is found only on your device, encrypted by the seed phrase. There is no way to backtrack the information on the blockchain to owners and there is no way to tell how many accounts you have, unless you share the local state logs.

Is this what you were looking for?


Hi ggeorge,

Yes! Thank you. I was just curious because I noticed on things like Etherscan you can actually see how much currency someone is holding but was just curious if someone could see which accounts you own if you have more than one.

Thank you!