Did i lose my wallet?

I’m not sure if anyone can help.
I created a new account on metamask the other day by clicking on ‘create account’. at least I think I did.

I then sent BNB to the wallet and swapped for RICH MAKER using pancakeswap, a swap I’ve done many times before.

Anyway I noticed that the BSC network option was gone, Iv’e managed to re-add the network but the address I had the coins in has completely gone. All I have is the transaction on binance (sending the bnb to the wallet address) and the address to the wallet but no way to access the wallet?

Any help will be much appreciated.

I’ve tried reinstalling the add-on

I’ve tried importing wallet but it says something about being a duplicate which makes me think its the wrong key im using.

Re- add the tokens. You need the smart contract’s address.

You can find this in Pancakeswap. When you look to do a swap from BNB to the token the token contract should appear in the URL. Make sure that is it and add the custom token in the wallet.

Hi, i have excatly the same issue with my account. I can’t be able to restore it by seed phrase because when i choose login in an existing account the system ask for the private key which i don’t have. I contacted the support by email but they didn’t reply my messages. Please let me know if you’ll get some solution to solve this trouble. Thanks

Yes but I can’t see the wallet. When I add the custom token, it just adds the tokens I have previously brought. which is fine because that isn’t the wallet that I’ve lost.

I have seed phrase, Password, and I can see the transaction on BSCSCAN, I feel like I have enough information to not lose my wallet? The problem is, when I go to import from seed, the click on create new account, all my wallets come back except the one I’m looking for…

Hello, i had a Metamask extension for Brave, uninstalled it and installed it again. But when i enter it has $0 balance, i had some ETH and SHIBAS, and now nothing. I tried to import wallet with secret key but it says that is a ducplicated account, does anyone now what is happening or how can i solve it?

You probably just need to re-add the tokens

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Your wallet is opened by your seed phrase.

Your wallet holds all your accounts.

All your assets on stored on chain. The wallet just allows you to interact with them.

To see your account, keep clicking on create account to regenerate your account.

Is there a way to Identify a wallet by the address?

I’ve been clicking create account and now I have more accounts than I started with. I create account, add the custom token, it tells me I have 0 and that’s it, I’ve repeated that process like 3 times. So unless I’m doing something wrong, I don’t know.

That picture was the last time I had access to these tokens.
Now all I have is this picture and the wallet address which I sent the coins too which I check on the bscscan now and again.