ETH swap to KISHU not showing dollar amount

Over 9 hrs ago today 5/14/21, I made a $1,300 ETH swap to KISHU. Transaction shows confirmed, but my KISHU asset only shows 87.596 and no dollar amount. When will it show the dollar value of my KISHU asset, like my ETH asset? Also, it should be for a lot more coins. I’m new as of today to MetaMask. Thank you all for your assistance.

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I have the same issue I bought 124 billion coins 4 days ago and last night it changed it to only 124 tokens and no dollar amount . Please help

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I have same issue. Do you know hot to fix it, please?

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I have same issue. My Kishu are now around 6.5 which is virtually nothing!! I swapped them for around 0.025 ETH!!
Please explain and let us know when to expect rectification

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It’s worse than that, trying to move my kishu to a different wallet proved that it isn’t merely a display error, metamask seriously thinks I only have 15 kishu and it thinks 15 kishu is worth 58 dollars.

if i knew how to fix it, i wouldn’t be asking

I think we’ve all been Fucked. I’m glad I learned never to use metamask with only a $1k loss of my own money. I’m glad I’m up $43k on Robinhood DOGE coin from a $4k investment.

I think we’ve all been Fucked.

Ok I finally figured it out. Once you open up your Metamask transaction in Etherscan, you then need to validate your transaction by clicking on the three dots on the right hand side and a drop down box will appear and you then click Validate Transaction. This will then take you to another screen and click GO. You should then have all of the transactions have a green success status.

After this you need to open YOUR transaction in Etherscan and in the right hand side section called Profile Summary click the more button drop down box and do the following Validate Token Balance and then add Token to Metamask. I now see my balance and the right number of coins.

I swapped Ether for Kishu Inu a day ago using Metamask and I cannot see it in my metamask wallet. Went into etherscan and searched on Kishu token, then in the Profile summary for Kishu, clicked on the “add token to metamask” and it said “no web3 provider”. What do I do now?

Have to say this whole experience is not giving me much confidence with these Crypto companies.