Evidence of a 4M High Profile NFT Rug Pull

I’ve been able to compile evidence of a suspect of an NFT rug pull of a 3-4M NFT project.

I work in the crypto industry.

This would be a larger case than any of the DOJ’s prosecuted NFT cases in the last year, and could be one of the top 5 in history.

Frosties NFT was a 1M rug, the Baller Ape one was 2M. The creators of these two big name projects were both prosecuted this year.

This NFT rug was in the 3-4M range. It has the potential to be a high profile case and US LE would be highly interested.

Anyone know the best way to get the evidence to the right law enforcement?

I sent tips to a few federal LE about it - DOJ, HSI/DHS, IC3, SEC even, but I’m not sure if they read those online forms. Have not yet heard anything back.

The evidence I have is extensive and ranges from tax ID numbers, names, to admissions of guilt in DMs.

Just want to get it in front of the right law enforcement.
I was not a victim of this rug pull.




Here are some ways to report a scam:

For the US, it’s going to link you to ic3.


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