HELP ...I have my seed phrase but can not see my Crypto &

Good evening, I wanted to ask why am I not able to see my crypto in my MM wallet?

I have my 12 seed words,
I updated MetaMask as prompted to the 9.4 version.
I used my 12 seeds to access the MetaMask account, but all my crypto in not showing in Wallet.

I was using, and wanted to stake some more HEX, however MetaMask is not showing me my account :

MM is showing me every another account, just not my account. (Above)

The Crypto can be seen on Etherscan.
I really need a member of the support team to help me, so I can Stake & Un-stake my HEX as needed.

I checked my seed words with the MetaMask, they all match up, but I cant see my funds.

Please can a member of the MM team provide Chat / Telephone / Telegram support or something cos this is nuts to think I am watching my gains go up and have NO ACCESS.