Kishu amount changed

I did a transfer for kishu Sunday with ether and received about 124 billion coins but it did not show a dollar amount and was told it was because it was a new coin. Then last night the icon appeared and shows I have 124 kishu only . Also when trying to sap for more the conversion is only 433-1 what is going on and can you please tell me how to recover my coins

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I’m having the same issue. Seems like just a decimal place error on the display at first, but trying to move it to a coinbase wallet shows that it really thinks I only have 15 kishu worth 58 dollars for some reason, when it’s actually 15 billion kishu worth about 200 dollars. This is a serious issue.

I just have the same issue, what is wrong with meta mask. This is not good I have 14 billion now showing only 14.

I just found this at Reddit and it work:

Pro tip: if having metamask decimal error please read.

Just hold down on KISHU and “remove token” then go to coingecko and get Kishu contract address listed below:


And paste that in the “add token” “custom token” contract address box, and it should fix your issue if metamask is showing the wrong decimal point :slight_smile: I know I was initially freaking out when the wrong decimal point was showing. I hope this helps people out, upvote please for visibility!

Thanks man this really worked but still no dollar amount any idea ?

And do you have the same for coshi?

If you have trust wallet, you can create a ethreum wallet and link meta mask to trust wallet and you can see the dollar. I’ll post link below to YouTube instructions. Once you were able to create the ethereum wallet you can manually add the token to your ethereum wallet and you will be able to see dollar amount.

Hope this help