My Kishu Inu’s balance is not showing

Hello dear team Metamask,
Plz help me, there’s no value showing of my Kishu inu’s in my wallet

Kindly help me to sort out my problem.

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Did you add manual the token adres from kishu to your wallet?
Add custom tokens… Fill in the address from the coin and add token name.

Adres is…


So should I remove the token from my wallet and should add again in the same way which you explained…?

I think you are not getting my point Kishu token and number of coins showing but value is not showing and I added the token in the same way.

That’s normal that the amount dollar is not showing… Some times it does some times not.
Stange metamask on that.

I have the same problem, also my Kishu token balance keeps changing (quantity)? Why that happing?