NFT Default Viewing in Metamask Mobile with ERC-1155

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My question is: What are the default sources and formats that are supported for NFT viewing by MetaMask Mobile on Ethereum mainnet?

I am aware of the links and pages that demonstrate how to import tokens into you MetaMask Mobile. I want to drop an ERC-1155 token that is viewable by default without hassle in the MetaMask wallet. I will be using IPFS to store the image, IPFS is supported by MetaMask.

I have a couple of merge related NFT’s in my wallet for which I have never used the “import NFT’s” button. How can I make sure my token is supported by default as well?

Hello there; you should be able to view your nfts in your wallet under the source, it doesn’t really require a configuration on how to display in the wallet, some nfts are not viewable so therefore requires you to use a third-party viewable source.

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Please refer to the following link regarding the ERC-1155 tokens and whether MetaMask supports them.