Seems my Metamask is defaulting to "Account 2" on AAVE Polygon

When connecting to the AAVE Polygon network, even when selecting “Polygon Mainnet” and having the “MATIC Mainnet” set up correctly in Metamask, AAVE is pulling up “Account 2” (which in my case, has zero coins and is not in use).

Removing AAVE as a connected site does not truly reset the connection, as on a true first connection you can choose which accounts to connect.

So, is there a way to TRULY reset the Metamask connection? I’ve even uninstalled the Chrome browser and reinstalled, without success. Thank you in advance.

After installing a new browser and going through the MM setup from scratch, plus the AAVE wallet connection… I was able to exclude “Account 2” from the connection and the issue was resolved.

The last step is to truly reset the Metamask > AAVE connection in my favored browsers, which I suspect will require a fresh install of the browsers themselves.