Transfer USDT between Bsc network and mainnet network on MetaMask

Hi everyone
i tried to use Binance bridge to move my USDT from BSC Network to Mainnet newtwork. but after I choose the ammount of my available USDT, The next buttom is off!
what should I do to do this.
Actually i want to submit the NFT in and an error accurs “Wrong Network, Change Network to mainnet” when i want to connect to my wallet
please gaude me Guys. thank you
Here is my screen Shot:

Hmm… I’m not that familiar with how the Binance bridge works, but in your screenshot, it is showing an error that the minimum amount of USDT you can send over the bridge is 78. I would advise reaching out to Binance to explain why this is, I’m not familiar.

Regarding Rarible, you need to switch your network to the Ethereum mainnet using the dropdown menu at the top of your wallet.

Screenshot from 2021-05-10 16-30-22