USDT sent to Coinbase in NY which doesn't support USDT

Hey folks - could use some help.

I sent a decent chunk of USDT from my MetaMask to my Coinbase. The problem is that New York State does not support USDT and I am based in NY. So… my Coinbase acknowledges the receipt of the USDT as a completed transaction, and it shows up reflected in my overall balance, BUT… there is no USDT wallet in my Coinbase with the tokens in it.

I tried going out of state and deleting the app and restarting my phone, re-downloading the app - so as to have out of state IP address - only NY is not supported according to Coinbase - and I was expecting a USDT wallet to appear in my assets with my tokens… unfortunately, this didn’t work and I ended up with the same as I had in NY.

Coinbase took 5 days to respond and sent me a link to a proposed retrieval service they are planning later this year.

Again - only NY is supposed to not support it so I don’t understand why I can’t access it out of state.

Also I read somewhere after 30 days unclaimed transfers revert to sender? Coinbase says no.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Its a lot of money!

Thanks in advance!

Kindly provide your wallet public address