Using MetaMask on a Fresh device

So many people have lost their coins using MetaMask it’s clear to see that hacking is a thing.

I have continued to buy more coins using MetaMask on a fresh computer with a fresh Internet connection & cellphone to be paired with.

I no longer have the 100,000 HEX bought at $0.019c & staked 32days ago, with 6 Tshares bought at $290 with an ATH of $1100+

Point is … Expensive LESSON LEARNED

I have had NO ISSUES since I’ve been on the new computer.


  1. Fresh Devices or Laptop
  2. New Cellphone & Data for internet connection
  3. New emails & passwords
  4. Write them down
  5. Lock box for all crypto related devices & such
  6. Lock the locked box in a lockable room

Eventually, never use the old devices again unless needed.