Why don't you respnd to us? why don't you actually help us?

I have yet to geta solution to anything from Meta Mask. I have however had a constant drain on my funds because you do nothing to rectify anything at all! I want my kishu Inu released and ll the money I have fleeced of in all the attempts I’ve made trying to fix the incompetence of this platform! If kishu Inu couldn’t be withdrawn or converted why did you you allow it to be downloaded and cost me hours of my time as well as thousands of dollars at this point? You do understand that what you are doing is somewhere between fraud and theft? If it’s not one of them it’s just blatant incompetence! By any standard that exists you are responsible my losses. With that being said all you can do is act in a pussillanimous and cowardly way and do nothing but shrug while we get eaten up in fees. Would you want this to happen to you or any one close to you? I’m being forced to have to seek the counsel of an attorney because you don’t have the presence of conscience to do what’s right! Jesus Christ just take some responsibility for being for what’s happening and fix it!