Your rules are not going to be helpful

I don’t know why you insist on everyone having bright shiny comments. It’s a facade. There are nothing but problems. Many of which are directly correlated to Meta Mask and ETH. Why is iot not a good thing to get help outside of this venue? you cannot control what say then can you? And the worst thing that could to you guys is that we get together and converse about things without you trying to moderate Your
“support” is about as useful as tits on a boar hog. When we do something that’s wrong we have to pay for it one way or the other. Either in missed profits or because we are being extorted when we can neither nor concert a token and have to let it sit there and watch the price fall to under what we paid for it. When that happens it’s your fault. Not ours. When are you going to start taking responsibility for the losses that you are directly causing? I have Kishu in Meta mask and can neither withdraw or convert it. When you agree to let something, in this case Kishu Inu, into MM you are taking on the responsibility of what happens to it while it is in your custody. Not to mention you’re being paid to hold our asset hostage when it gets stuck and you will not allow us to to even convert it! Just exactly why should anyone be leaving a nice comment about being screwed over by this whole joke of a space screaming decentralization? This is decentralization and what it will bring with it! Us having no say so or control over the restitution we are owed because your product is extremely flawed and conduct consumer care in a way that no one really gets help. Weeks to get a response about something that directly involves someone’s money is unacceptable by anyone’s standard. I don’t care if you are overloaded with things. You knew this was coming and you’re still not even close to being prepared. It’s better not to hire enough help and make everyone communicate in a sterile environment where you get shunned if you bring the truth out. Than to actually do a good job and not screw us over left and right! That token should have never been allowed on Meta Mask if we cannot withdraw or trade it! You got a reason that it should have been uploaded to MM when no one can do anything with it except waste time energy and money because of your mistakes? I would love to hear it! And some BS like
" we’re working on it" isn’t an acceptable answer either. This is money I worked very hard for and now because you are irresponsible, and that’s being kind, I’m having to spend time and money to just mitigate my losses. This is the kind of thing that will turn the vast majority away from this space. It just gives Crypto a very bad name!