Allow Hiding or Removing Accounts on The Account List

Users may create many accounts, but we want to keep them organized too and hide or remove accounts that are no longer in use.

This is much needed. Very good suggestion


100% yes! This would be huge. A simple “hide” function would do wonders for organizational purposes. :slight_smile:

Perhaps something like a ‘mark as hidden’ toggle would do, and then ‘show all added accounts’ function to allow their reappearance.

  1. Unintended presses of ADD Account causes DUPLICATE ver of that same accounts (created during Secret Phrase Cresation) on the drop down list if user had Imported ACs. Not orderly and unmanageable if a 4 account list becomes an 8 list & all duplicates as a result of initial imports user did not know about. Another press to create an account makes a 9th account sitting on bottom of list. Pls enable duplicate &/or unused accounts removal from wallet. Duplicate are not listed on the Chain Explorers it’s purely a MetaMask sign of unrefinement compared to competition.

  2. Why are 100s Walletconnect Entries reposted on settings in MetaMask IOS? A delete All function appears sensible instead of single delections.

3). Will there be Tablet versions respectively IOS & Android?

  1. Enormous heat & battery drain IOS mobile app while interacting with all web3 sites within built in browser.

Happening in IOS APP.
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this would be amazing. PLEASE implement this


Thanks for the suggestion! We will bring this up with the team and discuss it.


Hey everyone! :fox_face:

This has been brought to the team and is planned as part of a re-design effort.


Absolutely agree, hiding the account would be useful
I use an hardware wallet and the main account is unused

I know it’s a bit of a work around but this might help with the anxiety. If you save the private keys of the accounts you want to keep visible (they don’t actually go away, they are always there, just hidden). You can reset MetaMask, and then just add in the accounts you want to see. As a bonus you can add them in in the order you want them to display. I’m still voting for the proposal, but in the meantime this might help with everyone’s comfort level.

One way to test this is to set up MetaMask on a different browser. You can go through all the steps and see how it goes. Then you can reset MetaMask on your primary browser with confidence.

i guess this is still not a thing?

Hey @Cronic_Samurai, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

We’ll keep you updated on this was soon as we can :slight_smile:


What we can do is to have an ‘eye’ icon for hiding the account and a ‘bin’ icon for deleting it, so that the user can set his priorities very quickly.

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Will be nice if we can also re-arrange accounts by moving up and moving down

Hey @WoCStreet, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

This is an active feature request, you can vote here! :point_down: