API for Metamask Portfolio

Hey everybody,

I was wondering if there exists an API for MetaMask’s new portfolio feature? I.e. if you want to develop a dApp that lets users view what tokens they have on different chains, their balances etc?

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Hello @Westcoaster! Welcome to MetaMask community !
If we look at which api requests are coming from Portfolio APP, we will see the following:

The response that comes to the client:

This is a fully working API from ConsenSys - Codefi Fundamental API.
You can already use to develop your decentralized applications :wink:


Hey @snwlprd.eth thanks for the hint, this sounds very interesting. I’ll have a look at the Codefi API.


Hi @Westcoaster !,

The Portfolio API’s are not publicly available, but they might be in the future. you may be able to build out what you need using @snwlprd.eth 's recommendations. :smiley:

yes i tried using this api and it works :joy:

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Awesome! Thanks @snwlprd.eth for sharing :smiley: ! :fox_face:

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