I have send Dai from Binance to my MetaMask

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I have followed all the steps to add the Binance Smart chain and the DAI token, still no sign of my tokens. MetaMask support is not responding. can somebody help me get mij tokens?

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Hi @erik1965 you added DAI token manually?

Click Add Token - Custom Token - Token Contract Address:

Hi Luigi, thanks for your support. I added the token to my MetaMask wallet and even transfered more DAI via the Ethereum Mainnet. Does tokens ended up in my wallet. The first (larger) batch is still missing. These I used the binance smartchain because of lower fees

Switch on Ethereum mainnet

Open this page :point_down: and click on fox :fox_face:

How will this help? I already have the DAI token added to my wallet and I send the missing tokens through the Binance Smartchain

I send you private message :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I need more information :see_no_evil:

Problem solved! thx Luigi!


Have nice day :smiley: Erik

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Hi Luigi, I’m having problems with MetaMask again. Can you help me? I tried to send avax from Gate to my Metamask, however the transaction failed because of invalid adress. I copied the adress from my MetaMask wallet. So what to do?

Hi @erik1965 this is a little complicated :slightly_smiling_face: you probably need an address starting with X…

Watch this video :point_down:

PS: first it test for some small amount Avax (5-10$)

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Thanks my friend, I found this video also. I had to swap my AVAX from the x chain to the c chain and after that I was able to send to MetaMask. That was the part of the instruction I forgot the read at first :wink:

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I got the same issue , i sent dai from binance to metamask (transactionhash: 0xc69e0af4a108b667e0564eb59c2fa10a84bb9641a910b91a3f4044390c9207eb) , i added DAI to my account 1 on eth mainnet but after hours still nothing on my account .

Hi @lazarus your DAI token :point_down: is on the BSC network not on eth mainnet

Connecting MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain

i have connected my metamask to BSC and BSC testnet and i did the faucet but i still didnt get my tokens (around 120 DAI)

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@lazarus click Import Tokens and add this address :point_down:


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one last question, how do i move it to eth smart chain

You will need some bridge :eyes: maybe: AnySwap - Cross Chain bridge
OR send your DAI token back to Binance :slightly_smiling_face: simpler solution.

PS: you will need a BNB to pay the transaction fees

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