Add a service to check smart contract allowance

To make metamask stand out from other wallet a service to check smart contract allowance could be implemented

The service could be both internal (developed from the core team) or external (you can implement an existing service like unrekt [i can’t post the link but you can google it])

I’d love if the wallet could do this!


Hey @aster, thanks for the feature request!

Can you clarify what you mean by allowance? Do you mean a way to see how much funds are in a smart contract through the MetaMask wallet?


Can you clarify what you mean by allowance?

Let’s discuss about what we would like the wallet to do
It would be nice to show all the smart contracts who have the rights to manage your funds. Also, at least from the unrekt app, it is possible to remove these privileges

Do you think is something feasible? Or would you rather to keep this outside the wallet code?


I think metamask with etherscan is enough to check the allowance and revoke them. So maybe adding a link is enough good?


Checked, it seems to work only on Ethereum, but MM works also on other chain, like binance, avalanche, etc.

What do you propose for these other chains?
In my opinion a service which works on all chains would be better, it needs to be implemented only once instead of implementing different microservices


It would be great to have something comprehensive like Rabby wallet has. I has to install it just to use their allowance remover that is fantastic


also a service in extension to revoke approvals


absolutely, check and remove approvals!

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Token approvals can be revoked through block explorers or other websites :slight_smile:

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:


Thanks, but IMHO doing from MM would be a great improvement for the project

This has been requested also on MM’s github: issue #8174


We hear you! We’re currently working on improving the token allowance experience.
These improvements will still take some time before it’s out in the wild, but it’s in the works :wink:. Let us know if you have any other related feedback or request.


I am just testing cointool and it works great, it would be nice if MM had a similar (or better) user experience!

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Here we are almost one year and 20 votes still nothing to improve…

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