Add Evmos to the list of available networks


I wanted to connect MetaMask to Evmos, the main Cosmos EVM blockchain. Right now I have to go to chainlist dot org and search for Evmos and add the network from there. While this is definitely feasible, I would suggest to add Evmos to the list of available networks in MetaMask.

You can see some stats about Evmos here


The Evmos community is growing steady and fast. Providing easy access to Evmos (i.e. having it listed in the “Add a network” page) would make life easier for many users, plus having the value hardcoded in MetaMask decreases the possibility of error or scam.




This is the “Add a network” page I mentioned, would be extremely useful to see Evmos there :blush:

I’m not sure if I have the rights to edit my post (I’m just able to delete it). Anyway I wrote:

I cannot add links, anyway you can go to mintscan [dot] io or for some stats, and docs [dot] evmos [dot] org for documentation, specifically API > Networks.

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I had stake tokens in the MetaMask EVMOS network, I cannot access them, please resolve the issue.


Please add evmos rpc on MetaMask wallet from chainlist Chainlist

After this, you can find EVMOS network on MetaMask wallet

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As the pioneering EVM of the Cosmos Ecosystem, Evmos with its growing userbase should absolutely be made easier to find. It would help many people to be added directly on MetaMask.

Add EVMOS pls wallets that only interacted with Wormhole bridge via Evmos. i.e. only transfer from Ethereum to Evmos (which is by far the main route for Evmos Wormhole assets)

Hi @elp109

As far as I know EVMOS network is already in MetaMask. You can add EVMOS rpc from ChainList

Evmos is one of the most trusted crypto projects with a strong community support. In this case, it should be on the default list.

Yes, please add Evmos Network on the Add Network page!

Evmos is one of a kind blockchain in the crypto space. It deserves to be seen on the page once a user needs to add Evmos Network to his MetaMask wallet.


This is differnt. Currently, we have to manually add Evmos Network in our MetaMask. We need this to be changed. I mean, once you open the Add Network, we want to see Evmos Network as defaul list together with some other chains, so that we only need to click “Add” button at once.