Add "setInterval" to scuttling exceptions list

runtime-lavamoat.js:11200 Uncaught Error: LavaMoat - property “setInterval” of globalThis is inaccessible under scuttling mode. To learn more visit h tps://github .com/LavaMoat/LavaMoat/pull/360.
at get (runtime-lavamoat.js:11200:17)
at :1:1

I want to debug some technical issues and need to use this api. Thanks.



How I dislike communnity, which don’t answer important questions but answer simple stupid things like “How to send transaction via UI”. They don’t understand that there are people who look at tooks such as crypto wallet from different angle. They will never create a business…

Credits to such an … who used that no name package who just forbids usage of core important things in JS world.

So, I stumbled on your ticket and decided to dedicate my time to answer it.

Try to go to the root of the MetaMask plugin, via its source (in order to do it, open MetaMask as separate window, copy URL looking something like chrome-extension://ngjklahjhlaggoi1oini8hgas/home.html#onboarding/import-with-recovery-phrase and copy this part “ngjklahjhlaggoi1oini8hgas”, use it to find folder with Extention installed, copy that folder somewhere, then go to chrome://extensions/ turn on Developer mode then use Pack extension button and point path to the folder you just copied, it will create you the same MetaMask but your own copy, then you can remove existing one and Load unpacked from chrome://extensions/, so that it will install your version, from it you can change everything) then in the file runtime-lavamoat.js find this part of code:

const {
    } = {"scuttleGlobalThis":true,"scuttleGlobalThisExceptions":["toString","getCom...try"]}

and change this part "scuttleGlobalThis":true to false like this "scuttleGlobalThis":false save and check.

Must be working now (if you Load unpacked it via chrome://extensions/).

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