Add SKALE to the featured networks

Hey MetaMask team!

Would it be possible to add Europa Liquidity Hub | SKALE to the featured networks?

This Hub by SKALE Network is actively growing right now, and it would be good to see it as an option for users.

SKALE Network has 4 Hubs:

  • Europa Liquidity Hub (for DEXes and etc)
  • Calypso NFT Hub (for marketplaces, NFT creators and etc)
  • Nebula Gaming Hub (for games)
  • SKALE Community Hub (for others)

And also there are 16 individual SKALE chains for big games(as CryptoBlades), for big DApps(like Extrude, HUMAN app) and etc. WIth endless ability to adding more SKALE chains.

All of these chains are interconnected by native bridge - so you are be able to onboard on Europa Liquidity Hub and then transfer your funds to any chain which you want.

Add Europa Liquidity Hub to the featured network to show as an option for users

I have added 2 PRs in the core and MetaMask extension to support the chain