Adding eip155 prefix on changing network breaks Web3Modal

I have been using Web3Modal to make a dapp, but recent MetaMask version adds eip155: prefix on chainId when sending chainId information to walletconnect server.

Is there a reason why eip155 prefix had to be added when other wallets just pass chainId?

Here are the logs I see when I use MetaMask 10.28.2.

request which is sent to server

geturl.js?f90c:48          POST<PROJECT_ID>

Error: bad response (status=400, headers={"content-length":"128","content-type":"application/json"}, body="{\"status\":\"FAILED\",\"reasons\":[{\"field\":\"chainId\",\"description\":\"We don't support the chainId you provided: eip155:1313161554\"}]}", requestBody="{\"method\":\"eth_getBalance\",\"params\":[\"0xddfc269955f0224996665d3fc2b5af3e374c67ce\",\"latest\"],\"id\":42,\"jsonrpc\":\"2.0\"}", requestMethod="POST", url="", code=SERVER_ERROR, 

hi @hskang9 ,

I could find this in the MetaMask docs here. Will try to dig further on this too:

networkChanged (DEPRECATED)


Use chainChanged instead.

Like chainChanged, but with the networkId instead. Network IDs are insecure, and were effectively deprecated in favor of chain IDs by EIP-155 (opens new window). Avoid using them unless you know what you are doing.


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