Are they frozen forever?

The problem I’m having is with two transactions listed on Etherscan. One is pending as a swap, and the other is pending. The pending transaction was swapped on Dex with my connected metamask wallet; it is pending with a Nonce of 29. The second is a Confirmed Swap via metamask platform; however, pending with a Nonce of 30 will not go through. Mind you, there are no pending transactions listed on Ethplorer.

I attempted to zero out the lesser (29) of the Nonces, and it didn’t release or cancel out the pending unconfirmed swap transaction initiated from Dex.

I am unable to send or swap tokens. However, the Metamask platform has no issue receiving more ETH. It has been three days now

I have NOT shared my private or secret info with the public.

Is there anything that can be done to get things back to normal and or transfer my tokens to another wallet?


Please help!


Please help me with this issue!


Please help with this issue.

@Hopegreen Install metamask in another browser :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: and don’t spamming here.
Just write one message.