Assets not seen on metamask

Please help me, I transfer an amount of ether from binance to my metamask eth wallet , and etherium doesn’t appear on metamask, but when i traced the address to Address 0x508066537C9C0D1C527178aad576B48Ad0786837 | BscScan the etherium is still there , guys what can I do?

Hi @Adewale. Welcome to the Community page!

You will need to setup the Binance Smart Chain network as custom network in your MetaMask installation:

Or follow the instructions in this article:

Then you will need to add the ETH as custom token, under the Binance Smart Chain is BNB (you will also need some BNB to be able to move the funds).

  1. click on “Add token” at the bottom of the asset tab in MetaMask.
  2. click on “Custom token”
  3. fill in the information required from below:

Token Contract Address: 0x2170ed0880ac9a755fd29b2688956bd959f933f8
Token Symbol: ETH
Decimals: 18

Thanks you very much