Bug with a pop-up window on multisig wallet

Good afternoon need help!
We have a multisig wallet which is tied to two accounts. Signatures worked and it is checked. When we tried to withdraw the assets we had no message to one of the signatories and the bug is displayed in both logs including the log of the second signatory. How do we fix the bug with the pop up if we have already updated and reinstalled MetaMask.

P.S We use collab.land to log in by verifying us as an admin. There is no problem at this stage and both subscribers pass it successfully.

Please advise what to do, if an example on a similar case please provide a link. Thank you all for your attention! Preferably faster

  1. Question, is it possible to exclude one of the signers through the console without confirmation?

Hi @Stwen1997 ,

Since you have logs, can you submit a support ticket for this with MetaMask?

Visit support.metamask.io and choose the blue ‘Start a Conversation’ bubble. There will be some automated message but you will get connected to an agent who can get this info.

Let us know if you have any issues.


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