Bunny coin harvested from bunnyswap isn't showing in my wallet

I’ve staked DAI on bunnyswap from my wallet. Whenever I harvest my rewards, they disappear (although it charges me gas fees every time). However, I can unstake my coins and they return back to my wallet correctly. Why aren’t my rewards showing up? I even added bunny coin to my wallet on the BSC network where the DAI coins are staking from. Please advise.

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Please open support ticket via the support link on app or extension with all info.

I’ve opened numerous tickets for numerous issues. I rarely get a response and when I do, there are never any real answers. I was hoping that the community may be more helpful than support has been given that it’s been horrid.

Sorry to hear about this experience. We do have an approximate 7 days waiting period. Can’t hire fast enough :slight_smile:
In this kind of cases, we would require your wallet’s public key and transaction hashes, people do share that here publicly, I do try to discourage it. It just not a safe practice.
Do you see the bunny coin in a block explorer such as bscscan.com?

Thanks :slight_smile: I would definitely not share that sort of information here. I have shared it via email when support has responded but then I don’t get any resolution. It’s very frustrating. Is it ever possible to just talk to someone? I feel like that would be far more time efficient than going back and forth via email repeatedly.

Yes, I can see it on bscscan. I also see the address where it says it is sending my coins but it’s the same address as where the staked coins go back to. However, the latter is showing in my wallet whereas the prior is not.

This sounds like Internal transaction, you can search it up in our help center. MetaMask doesn’t display this kind of Activity but the balance should reflect.

Are you saying that on bscscan, you see bunny coin coming from the staking contract and goes back out to the staking contract?

I’ve searched for help every way I know how but I can’t find the answers. I agree the balance should reflect it. That’s why I unstaked some of the coins to see what address it uses and if the coins would return to my wallet. Not only was it the same address but they did show in my wallet again.

I was just saying that the coin itself shows up there. I thought that was the question. I’m not sure I know how to find what you mentioned last time. Sorry.

this is the internal transaction article https://metamask.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360058568312-Internal-transactions

So you coins are showing now?

Not the ones in question. My unstaked coins showed but not my reward coins. I was just saying the actual coin details are on that site. Nothing specific to my concerns, at least that I’ve seen.

I’m not sure what to do with that article. Can you please explain why you sent that?


Hey, did you see my last response? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


In case the reward coins came into your account as internal transactions, then they wouldn’t show in the activities but will reflect in the balance.
Feel free to open a support ticket via the support link in app or extension with details such as your wallet’s public address and transaction hashes for a deeper look.

The whole reason I came here for help is the fact that opening tickets has been completely worthless. I have been going back and forth with customer support via email for 2+ months and have yet to get any actual help. Can you please help me here?