Can I automate transactions to a specific address?

Is it possible for me to set up in advance a bunch of transactions to a specific address without having to
manually put everything in each time? Basically, can I automate the process to send hundreds of transactions in small amounts to a specific
For example, I want to send $200 dollars in BNB over bsc network, in one cent increments. So I want thousands of individual transactions of one cent each, plus gas. Can I automate that? (Don’t ask why I need this, its not for a scam)

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Do you want to implement this functionality in a smart contract? There is a source code for various mixers on github.

:exclamation:But I highly recommend using this for informational purposes only


Do you know of a good way to automate web browser actions?


Yes, you may use the package from npm - puppeteer ( Weekly Downloads - 4 153 927 ), and inject the code into your Node application.

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