Cannot reach anymore

Hello, since a few days I cannot reach anymore. Any ideas ?

Hello @GermanMike, welcome to MetaMask community!

As far as i can see this is more than likely a scam. Or was, hence the not being able to reach the page issue now. Please always make sure what you interact with is legit and do not fall for too good to be true promises. Do your research properly and be careful what you interact with using your wallet.

If you think you’ve been scammed, the next steps are to contact the support team. Please refer to this post here:


My question is: are you able to reach - the entry site ? If it is a scam or not, was not my question

This has nothing to do with MetaMask. But to give you a straight answer, no, cannot reach.


thanks for your quick answer

Hello @GermanMike, I have just tried to open the site and I got the attached message, i.e., the site is “malicious and unsafe to use.”