Cannot remember extension password

;I haven’t clicked on MetaMask app for a few weeks , went to go on today and have been signed out , can’t remember my password , will I lose my tokens if I reset ?? Surely can do a. Password recover or soemthing to log in and not just seed phrase

Before you try this, you MUST have your secret recovery phrase (SRP) or you will lose access to your wallet.

There is not a “reset password” function, because we do not collect email addresses or other data that would allow us to do password resets. In order to create a new password, you can uninstall the MetaMask extension, reinstall it, and enter your secret recovery phrase to set a new password and regain access to your wallet.

If you do not have your SRP, do not uninstall the extension as you will lose access to your wallet completely. Continue to try to remember your password.

Thank you I found my recovery