Change password starting from fingerprint

It could be very useful to add the chance of changing pw starting from your own fingerprint!!!

I mean… I have a giant problem with the app.
Lost pw and phrase, but still have access with my fingerprint. Already talked to support chat and there is nothing to do.
I write even here to ask the chance of changing my pw with my fingerprint.
It’s me and my fingerprint is better than inserting the old pw!!!
I can’t understand why it’s not possible in this app.
So please, please, please… add this option otherwise I lost all my money!!! :cry:

This msg is for developers… please I beg you! Please let me change my pw with my fingerprint!

Waiting for this chance…

Purpose: prevent people from definetly losing their account and all their money


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Sounds like a great idea to me. I have the same problem too. the fingerprint is more unique and more secure than a password. So it seems more logical to unlock the phrase with the fingerprint. Please, developers, help those who have this problem !!! What does it cost you? It is a useful and inexpensive implementation since it is already planned to be able to access the app.

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