Collaborations and ambassador programs

Who would you like to see this wallet collab with? And another question is whether there will be recruitment for ambassador programs?

MetaMask currently has a few partners for various services, such as helping scam victims and providing fiat on-ramps. If you would like to suggest other services MetaMask can work with partners with, please let us know!

There are several ways that community members can get involved further with the MetaMask community. There is currently an ambassador program for developers if you are interested, here is more information:


Thanks, I’ll check it out now, it’s interesting for me. And what specific merits does moderation look at when applying for the status of an ambassador? And where should you show up?

Definitely get involved with the ConsenSys (company behind MetaMask) Discord! That’s where the ambassador activity is :point_down:


thanks this is very helpful

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