Connecting with Metamask using react-native app

There is a huge latency while trying to connect to wallet from the react native demo app.

Check from 1:30 here - drive .google .com/file/d/1JTqmMt7-SpFjXrl8XIRMR9ztIejPZhDq/view?usp=share_link

Wondering if there are any production apps out there using react native integration

Hello @prtk418
Welcome to MetaMask community !

Have you used the official guide when integrating MetaMask into your mobile application?
Can you upload a demo video to youtube because I won’t be following the link.
Also interesting is this manifested in development mode or in production?

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I ran demo app from official github - https ://github .com/MetaMask/MetaMask-sdk/commits/main/packages/examples/reactNativeDemo

This is development mode.

Youtube link - https ://youtu .be/fGmxpy56DZA

It does not allow to paste links, hence kept spaces

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I saw your messages on Github in the topic.
Could you open an issue for this by attaching a video from youtube, not a link to the cloud ?


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