Create website URL integration

Let’s say you have a beautiful-looking site on Wix linked to your own domain and want to use it as your minting site. You, unfortunately, can not. In order to create a minting site, you need to have coding knowledge which is why most NFT sites look the exact same unless they are a big project. Creating a website that can be used for minting requires a person or team with lots of coding experience.

I think if Metamask added a way to link your website and their website together it would make selling NFTs more convenient and accessible to everyone. This way you could set up a button on your site and when clicked would redirect you to Metamask where you could complete your transaction. The ability to create a website without any coding knowledge would allow more people to start creating projects and ideas that they might not have been able to create. Personally, I am more of a designer and less of a coder and this would make my life much easier.