CS Token Migration

I was inactive on social media and the crypto world fro the last few years, so missed a number of token swops. How can CS token swop be blocked? I am under no obligation to follow their social media posts, yet I have paid for their tokens. Did Metamask not support the swop? Why woould I keep assets in such a wallet then?

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Are you referring to a token airdrop? Each airdrop and its stipulations are project specific. You will need to contact the project in regards to the airdrop and how to receive your tokens.

Hi Beth,

No, it wasn’t an airdrop. It was a token swop from ERC20 to the credits mainnet, I think. Hope you can help?!

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Hi Hennie,

Thank you for clarifying. You will still need to contact the project in regards to the tokens migrating and how to go about doing so. Each token handles this differently, so there are no standard instructions for us to give you.