Custom Coin List Import/Export

Request: All the user to export/import a list of all the custom tokens. The list would only need to contain:

  1. Chain (ETH, BNB, BSC, etc)
  2. Contract Address
  3. Symbol
  4. Decimals

I love using the wallet, but you guys get a ton of support issues all around people not finding their coins, usually because they need to create a custom token.

I have a similar symptom of this where I use my laptop to do a transaction, and that new token shows up in my chrome MM wallet, but not on my mobile MM.

If you did this request, my workflow would look like this:

  1. Buy a handful of new coins, see them show up in that wallet
  2. Export the token list
  3. Switch to my other device and import the token list
  4. See the new tokens in that MM wallet

Workflow for people who are restoring seed and want to see all their tokens:

  1. During normal use, regularly backup their token list
  2. When they restore by seed, import token list.
  3. See all their tokens.

BONUS: add a toggle in MM to show/hide tokens with 0 balance (or below a set amt)