DAI was sent in wrong net. How could I return it?

DAI was sent in BSC network but address was in ERC20. Can i return my coins?

Hi MeInsane,

Your Metamask address is the same on the ethereum mainnet and bsc mainnet. Did you sent from a different BSC addy to your metamask address?

If so, assuming your DAI is on the BSC network and not eth mainnet, have you added BSC network to your wallet? If not - here is a link to Binance Smart Chain Academy on how to -

Connecting MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain. I can’t post links so I had to spell out the dot in two places, change to actual . when you cut and paste :slight_smile:


Also, assuming you have DAI added to your wallet when you are on the right network but to throw it out there just in case, be sure to add the token to your wallet. You can add it manually or through coingecko, going to DAI, and clicking the fox for Metamask add.

Hope this helps!

Hey! I also found this on the community forum for Metamask. This goes into how BSC and
several other networks if ever needed -

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“When the transaction is confirmed and shows as successful, there is nothing we can do to revert/cancel it.” So bad

Thank you for your reply, DAI was sent to address that does not belong to me. This is not my ERC20 address and I don’t have access to it. The recipient claims that he does not have BSC net on this address

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Was the DAI sent on BSC/a BEP-20 token or was it an ERC-20 token and sent to BSC network?

Do you have the transaction hash to share?

Your address on eth and bsc are the same but the networks are totally different. You’d have to use a bridge to transfer between the two but if you are only transferring on one of them (i.e. bsc to bsc) that is ok.

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DAI bsc tokens was sent to ERC20 network adress (in BSC network).
The recipient said that he doesn’t have a bsc network on his crypto exchange where his adress belongs and he doesn’t see my transaction.
Here is the hash

Hey -

I can see it sitting in the address 0x14fb8bF64ed3eFF97739C5B7E7EA2f6113DCEE3c . Since you/he are saying this address is on an exchange, would he be willing to reach out to his exchange? He could provide that transaction hash and see if they would be able to help? You might actually be able to reach out to the exchange and ask for help too? There is a chance they’d be willing to do something. Give them the txhash.

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Is he sure the address is on an exchange and not in a wallet like Metamask, TrustWallet, etc.?

It could be ask simple as he needs to add the BSC network if it’s a hot wallet. Metamask defaults to Ethereum mainnet, so you have to add BSC network to see any of tokens on it.

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