Derivation Path Option for Trezor Hardware Wallet

When I’m setting up my Ledger Nano, I get the option to use Legacy (m/44’/60’/0’/0) or another option which I can’t recall, I believe it has the Derivation Path m/44’/60’/0’.

However when I connected my Trezor in which I have used the same seed phrase, I don’t get the option to choose a Derivation Path and therefore I can only see the non-Legacy addresses.
If anyone knows any way to “hack” into the existing version of MetaMask and change the Path to the one I need, please let me know, it’s important!

I also have this problem. I cannot find my wallet address that holds the money using the same seed. I tried to change my HD path on my trezor but it does not change, it stay the same through the three options: Ledger Live, Legacy, Bip44.