Discover and display Aave debt tokens

The Aave liquidity protocol allows you to lend or borrow tokens. When you lend tokens, you receive interest-bearing aTokens that appear in MetaMask. When you borrow tokens, you receive interest-bearing debt tokens which do not appear in MetaMask. It is possible to add these tokens manually from their contract addresse (listed in the Aave developer docs) but it’s cumbersome and does not show their correct negative value.

Note: Coinbase Wallet appears to do this correctly, but no others that I have seen.

The purpose is to display a more accurate total portfolio by showing debts.

Both. And portfolio dot MetaMask dot io please.


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Portfolio MetaMask also does not correctly display the balance of tokens from AAVE at the moment?

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I was unable to add the debt tokens to the portfolio at all. Adding a custom token with the debt token address is just ignored. I have submitted a separate ticket about that.


@rptb1 ,

Confirming when you say you’ve submitted a ticket, do you mean through portfolio (when you are logged in) under support?

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Yes, using the “Contact” link, bottom left of the Portfolio dapp. I have received email confirmation and a reply. I submitted a ticked because having a request to add a token silently ignored would appear to be a bug (or at least inconsistency) when compared to the extension and mobile apps. It’s only slightly relevant to this thread.

They wouldn’t ignore you, but, it is something they may be working on.

Have you checked out this Knowledge Base articl on importing tokens to your Portfolio?

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I was not ignored. I have had a reply to my ticket. The dapp silently ignores the request to add a custom token. The same custom token can be added in the extension and mobile app.

Yes, I have already read the knowledge base article. Thank you for the link.

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Hey, my bad! I misunderstood the ignore part :slight_smile: .

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