This is about the ERC20 or ERC721 token adding features

Adding tokens to the extension by the address of the token is outdated version.

As meta mask is a popular wallet for web3 space and being updated is a bit dis-satisfactory . As today, when I was logged in to the wallet called Coinbase all the coins which are owned by me are directly fetched and reflected with ease but where as meta mask asks for each and every token address to add it to our custom wallets which makes me feel unhappy . So I would like to suggest to implement a feature so that once the user logs in then he could see all the asserts which he owns instead of old fashion way of doing it .

Extension/Mobile/Both: Yes it is the same in both the platforms where we need to add the asserts manually .

Images/Attacments: It was the same method which was being used since the usage of the MetaMask.

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Automatic token detection needs to be enabled by the user. It just takes a few steps. First, click on the identicon in the upper right-hand corner, navigate to ‘Settings’, and then ‘Advanced’, and make sure the toggle is on.

Go back to your asset list, and refresh if necessary — hopefully, any tokens you weren’t seeing before are there now.