Display fields of account and network are too short

The field that shows the account name in the normal MetaMask Window (not in the expand view) is too short. If you use the default account names (Account 1, Account 2…) it shows only the text (Account…). The following number which is important if you have several accounts, is cut off.

Same problem with network. There is only one letter for the network. If you have different networks beginning with the same letter, you don’t know which one is active.
IA clear display of account name and network will avoid making mistakes.



Is the screenshot cut off or does the actual image of the extension look like this? Where you can’t see anything below the account address?

The screenshot is cut off. Here is a complete image:

As you see, I can not recognize which account is active here. Is it Account 1, 2 or 3?

And also which network is active. Is it zksync or zeppelin?

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