"Double Confirm" Dialog for Dangerous Functions to Avoid NFT Scams

There have been increasing scams related to NFTs. Scammers are always trying to let people click fake websites (minting, claim airdrop, marketplace, etc.) and stole their NFTs by authorizing functions like setApprovalForAll, TransferFrom, etc. :slightly_frowning_face:

Ideally, it would be great to have a way to automatically detect those fake websites and notify the users when trying to authorize them. However, this can be pretty hard in practice. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Alternatively, since the scammers are actually misleading people to use functions like setApprovalForAll and TransferFrom, it would be great for Metamask to have a “double confirm” dialog/notification when users are trying to use them. Some words like “This function will approve the transfer of your ERC-721 Token.” “Please double-check the legitimacy of the website.” “Confirm only you know what you are doing.” can remind many users in time before making authorizations mistakenly. :fist:

:smiley:Vote if you think this idea is helpful. Hope this can avoid many people from scams.

I think your suggestion is very useful. It can really avoid misoperation at some time. I’ll vote for you :grin:


This is extremely important.

I’m drafting up another one that I hope can get some more views + provide more context.

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USE THEM, what do you mean use them , if it is what i think …

anyways a lil unclear but ill vote for you on this one second alert box would be great sometimes users are all hyped up and want to rush thing it can be very costly mistake to loose all nfts

Thank you for submitting this feature request @zty !

We’re currently exploring a couple of possibilities related to this and running tests to understand what is most helpful to our users.
It will still take some time before it’s ready and gets released to all users, but just giving you an update that this is in our roadmap.