Enquiring the idea creating safety solution block tokens

I am responsible for buy tokens on a decentralised exchanges such as uni swap. which I bought tokens DAG Consellation which they transferred on another block change, not ERC anymore. However uniswap still solded the tokens.
Enquired at teleagram to DAG, politely - a member of the team said we move of uniswap a long time ago if you ask any questions we will block you, and they did, after two politely questions. also admin stated we would let you back on to the telagram 24 hours, if you mention anything about ERC DAG you will be block again. Insanity controlling and aggressive and appeared of being frustated with this reoccurring issue, I was not blaming just enquiring.
going forward for people who don’t have a lot of money like myself, the idea like “token checker” information slot machine, paying with carbon token a small fee to check if the tokens are safe not scams. Fees donated to carbon foot print or matamask to have this function attached to there wallet. As for uniswap why is there not a piece of teck that automatically shuts down sale when tokens move to other blockchains.
So if Dag or uni swap are not responsible, where does the money go? Im left with 900 tokens going up in price in my wallet with no value. I think we are all responible to create a fair safe space not wait ontill the SEC regulates
These situation of miscommunication, ignorant and developers to say its decentralised, your responible, no we are all responsible in looking for a safe solution.