Error : Websites can not connect to my Metamask wallet


I am trying to connect Pancakeswap or Polygon wallet to my Metamask wallet, but these websites fail to connect to my Metamask. I am logged into my Metamask but these website can not connect…

This notification pop up:

"We noticed that the current website tried to use the removed window.web3 API. If the site appears to be broken, please click zde for more information."

Thank you for any help! :wink:

I am using Brave browser and believe it has something to do with Brave.

It is as if Brave does not allow the websites connect to my Metamask wallet…:confused:

I am also a user of the brave browser and I have the same problem. My Metamask wallet does not connect to any Polygon, BSC, or Ethereum network. With google crhome if I have been able to connect. Does anyone know if the problem is Brave and when they plan to fix it?