Error when trying to Access BSCscan

I am new to MetaMask.

I have acquired several coins and when i select view full history on Bscscan I receive the following error message:
Error Loading Page
Domain: undefined
Error code:-1

I receive the same message irrespective of which button I select to take me to Bscscan.

I would appreciate your assistance.


hi @L1960M ,welcome to MetaMask community. :fox_face:
My bscscan is normal, so maybe there is something wrong with your network or VPN.
can you post a screenshot of the error ?


Hi Tuya,

I have attached a screenshot.

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Thanks for the screenshot. It should be caused by your network instability. :joy:
You can try turning off your phone’s internet connection and then turning it on again.
Or visit it at another time.


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