Expose the public address of a wallet

It would be good if we could have the public address exposed without any interaction from the user, this would enable many new innovative way to interact with web3.

I would like to build a 0-click login. Imagine minting a NFT with userdata on a website instead of registering, then if you visit a website and it can check the public address for ownership of a NFT , it can automatically consider you a user, and uses the data provided by your NFT.



This is a big blow to privacy and security.

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privacy and security are completely up to the user

exposing the public key isn’t really enough for that feature, we would also have to come up with a way to guarantee that the browser is the owner without constant wallet interaction so maybe when NFT is mitned the webpage and user browser establish a proof

It sounds this is asking to collect a users info, without their permissions ‘the public address exposed without any interaction from the user’, if I am following that right. This is what web3 is moving away from IMO, similar to data collection cookies.

not at all,
you can have a user toggle (default unchecked) expose my PUBLIC address,
I just think it would be very useful

Is that an option you’re saying would be in the MM wallet?

Yes I think it could be implemented as an option.