Firefox extension pop-up disappear when making payment loosing input data

Firefox browser extension works bad. When i switch to different browser tab or other window while filling the payment form inside the extension “bubble”/frame, this frame disappear and then have to fill the data again. Better would be if wallet interface loads in a new web browser tab which would be there until tab is manually closed…

From the 3 dots menu you can click “Expand View” to pop it out into its own tab.


Indeed. Thanks.
it is a good workaround, but in my opinion not the solution. Since it is not the default view and is hidden in menu - it is not practical user have to expand view this way before making payment during which he needs to copy payment data from the invoice given to them on external site. It should preserve filled payment data by default or use expanded view by default when making payment.

Totally understand the frustration, I’ve had to restart more than one transaction myself.

Trying to get a more technically correct answer from the people with a better/more complete knowledge ; but I believe this is a limitation in how Browser extensions are handled by the browser itself. Thus the workaround of launching it into its own tab, is the only way to work around this issue.

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