Flag mainnet balances when adding accounts

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Description: Developers use MetaMask to develop and test dApps. As such, we hold balances on different chains - mainnet + testnets. For this purpose, we may work with 1 wallet - many accounts. The problem is that when you restore your wallet mnemonic e.g. on a different browser, customisations such as custom account names, etc. are gone. This is ok, but leaves room for making mistakes. For example, if you generate again a pre-existing account while connected to testnet Goerli, if that account had mainnet balances from previous usage, you could easily miss that and reveal your private key for testing. My feature request would be for you to add a flag when โ€œ+Creating accountโ€ if the account had balances beyond the selected network (specially chains that are not testnets).

Purpose: The purpose of the feature is to minimise human errors when using MetaMask for development purposes. Losing MetaMask customisations when loading mnemonic on different extension is quite frustrating, but the reasons are understood. However, UX could be improve since data about account usage can always be requested from block explorer APIs. Therefore, flagging account pre-usage or even relevant balances like Eth mainnet should not be too difficult and would be incredibly helpful. Many thanks for your time and consideration!!

Extension/Mobile/Both: Extension at least.

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